Wednesday, 21 July 2010

MOT Time

I took the 68 for MOT - it's been laid up a while. Before taking it I checked the lights - which to cut a long story short resulted in a couple of days sorting (shorting?) out the tired electrics in the region of the headlamps and front indicators.

As delivered in the US the cars had two amber side/indicators in the front bumper. At some point (presumably before delivery) the sidelight connection was disconnected - amber sidelights weren't legal in the UK at the time. I'm guessing the wiring was then modified to provide side (parking) lights behind the outer headlights - not an unusual fitting at the time. Fast forward to 2010 and several hacks later and it was time to replace the lot with new pigtails incorporating new sidelights from Autosparks, a small friendly outfit who were very helpful.

Anyway, the car failed on a rotten exhaust backbox and the poor effectiveness of the hand (parking) brake. This latter was tested using a meter in the car on a test drive rather than on the rollers - it passed last time on the rollers so I'm wondering if the test's a bit more demanding if the car's moving.

Meantine I have won some new (old) electric window switches on eBay to replace the 70's Japanese (I'm guessing) ones that are fitted to the driver's door.

I need some new tyres, and I'd like some period-looking wider wheels, but finding any at a sensible price and that I can be sure will fit isn't proving too easy. The wheels of 14" and I think they are 5.5" wide. The 67 is fitted with 7.35x14 Cross (Bias) ply tyres and I don't think I want to go to those! (certainly not the 30+ year old ones on it -but probably not even a new set). Optional 15x5.5 wheels were available so it seems I could go to 15", but not too wide.

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