Monday, 11 July 2011

MOT'd and Working

I have actually been spending a bit of time driving around in the car! I fashioned an exhaust from a combination of some new silencers and pre-bent bits I got from the excellent Jetex. I had a small setback in that the car failed again as there weren't enough brackets holding the exhaust in place and I'd failed to notice one of the indicator tell-tale lights in the dash was out.

Soon sorted that and the parking brake, and I've fitted a remote oil cooler too. Now I'm not spewing gallons onto the road all the time, I have even changed the oil.

Recent mileages
Sat 9/7 - 42142 - 42161
Sun 10//7 42161 - 42190

I went to Rempstone in the car - parked in the ordinary car park - I don't feel the car is up to show standard. Was tickled pink though, when a chap stopped and took a photo of it.

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