Thursday, 19 November 2009

More Oil Pipe stuff

I am starting to question the fun and enjoyment that's supposed to come from tinkering with old cars. I seem to take one step forward and two back. The other thing is that I am poorly organised and (sort of) cash rich and time poor which isn't an ideal combination. I guess that I have grown up in the fortunate position where pretty much anything can be done or obtained within a reasonable time - the consumer society. As the Internet has shrunk the world and given us access to more information, I can shop for stuff and find out stuff far more than I ever used to be able to.

However, coverage is patchy, and the missing thing is that I don't always know what I have or what I need. There really isn't much point in telling any parts supplier in the UK that you have an AMC Rambler Rebel. Even one of the leading UK based US parts specialists I spoke to recently (who has been a great help with parts for my 1956 Chevrolet) gave a sharp intake of breath when I told them what I had.

As usual, a casual conversation with someone with a different perspective helped. I had found, via the Internet that the National Pipe Thread (NPT) threads are to all intents the same as BSP (British Standard Pipe) threads. This knowledge took me to a plumbing supplier - and (sort of) - bingo. Much scrabbling around and a trip to the stores out the back had me equiped with fittings I could marry to 1/2" oil pipe. I got it all back together (just about). I thought it might be good to fit a new oil filter - round to my local motor factor with the old one - blank look again. He promised to call me on Monday after he'd checked with his supplier. Of course it's now Friday.

I put it all back together with the old filter, tightened everything (twice). It wouldn't start so I don't know if it works. Oh Well.

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