Saturday, 22 March 2008


I stole the speedo cable from the '67. I have a theory that RHD speedo cables must be longer and will therefore be hard to find. Once fitted, I took the car for a blast (er I mean gentle drive) to the filling station. I haven't put any fuel in it for a while - not really a clever strategy when the guage doesn't work. So 15 quid's worth of Super unleaded later I found that the speedo needle still jumps around - but closer to the real speed now.

So now the question is - as the new cable has improved matters but not solved the problem, do I need to try a change of speedo head?

Current Mileage 93620

Tyres Out of Shape

There's been a "wobble" from the front end ever since I've owned the car - when I discovered the oval hole in the drag link (after the MOT man angrily and fairly pointed it out) I assumed that was the cause.

I was therefore a bit disappointed to find the wobble still present and if anything a bit worse when I drove to and from the MOT.

So I jacked up the car a side at a time and span the wheels. Every one of the four tyres is out of shape so it's hardly surprising, really. It will be expensive to sort though.

Friday, 14 March 2008

MOT Passed

Well the 68 is now legal again. The testers don't do appointments, so I had to hang around for ages, but having replaced the brakes (new front discs, hubs, calipers, quite a few pipe etc) and quite a bit of the steering, as well as adjusting the parking brake, it passed. Looking back at the paperwork, it appears to have taken since May2007 to get it all sorted - much longer than I thought, but at least it's done.

I think one of the front tyres is out of shape, and there's a long list of stuff to do (isn't there always?) but at least I can drive and enjoy it, once the snow stops.