Thursday, 19 July 2007

Ho Hum

It didn't all go to plan. I had to take the drag link off the '67 as the old one on the 68 had been damaged by the loose inner tie (track) rod. The loose joint had worn a large oval hole in it.

That sorted it was time to do the brakes. The old pipe was so rusty I had to dismantle loads and replace the flexible pipe and the fixed one beyond it to the caliper. This was all going well until bleeding resulted in fluid pouring from inside the caliper - oh well....

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

more steering stuff

Removing the outer tie rod (track rod end) was trickier than I thought, but with the new "pickle fork" splitter I bought it was OK in the end.

Splitting the inner and outer rods from the sleeve was tricky, too. The outer is a left hand thread, which is obvious if I'd thought about it!

Friday, 6 July 2007

MOT on the '68

I've had to change the blog title to the plural now there are two of 'em. Two of the failure items were a loose inner tie rod balljoint and a loose joint on the pitman arm. RHD pitman arms seem to be as rare as rocking horse dung, but the inner and outer tie rods I ordered arrived today, with an unexpected bonus - a Pitman arm. Sadly it doesn't fit! Next prob is getting the outer joint separated - can't get either of my pullers to fit on it. I have applied WD40 and am off to get a different puller.