Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Oil leaks again

Took the car to a family get-together - 80ish mile round trip - all good but it's sprung a leak from the remote oil filter again ho hum.

That aside is cruised at an easy 65-70 although it was very windy and I got grit in my eyes a couple of times. I'll be interested to find out how much of the 23 quid or so's worth fuel I put in it I've used.

Sunday, 27 July 2008


So I have tried cleaning and greasing the old cable - no help.

Changing the cable over from the '67 - this cable looked in much better condition so I had high hopes - no go.

Finally, fitting the speedo from the 67 got the speedo working. It reads about 8mph fast according to the GPS speedo thingy but at least it is working.

Downside is that the mileage reading is now wrong - it read 42000 exactly when I put it in, now reads 42007 after yesterday's short trip out, and should have a quite a bit more on by the end of today with any luck.

Sunny Day

So time for a drive.

Actually quite a bit of stuff has happened that I haven't blogged so time for a short catch up. When I changed all the steering components for the MOT, I tried to set up the lengths of the arms to be the same as the ones I'd replaced. This didn't really work although it was close enough not to be unsafe.

I also didn't notice that although the new Track rod ends came with grease nipples, they hadn't been filled with grease.

To cut a long story involving an annoying brand new grease gun that didn't work short, I have now greased everything at the front that needs it. The tracking's better but not right.