Sunday, 8 July 2012

MOT again

My Local Mot station is an excellent place - they won't overlook really safety-critical items, but they are staffed by people old enough to remember that old cars just weren't as good as current ones.

They failed the car (correctly) on rear brake efficiency.  I asked them if they could sort the problem out, and they coaxed the brakes to the required level (just).  The car either fails or is borderline most years on this - and we have concluded that the troublesome auto adjusters are to blame.

AMC only fitted these for a couple of years, then changed the design.  A reto-fit of a later version is possible, but costly and time-consuming and the parts aren't easy to find this side of the Atlantic.

Fortunately, my '67 is fitted with the same rear brakes.  I 've removed them and the adjusters look in much better shape.  Just need to fit them now.