Thursday, 27 October 2011

We're not alone

Came across this in idle web search - considering how few there were made, there seem to be plenty still around.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Cruise for the final time this year

Off to Charnwood Cruisers get together. Another great day on Saturday - bright sunshine and a good turnout - some fabulous cars too.

I'd fitted the new breakerless distributor I obtained from another member the previous week (2/10/2011) and gained an instant improvement in starting and running.

Current mileage 42396.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Charnwood Cruisers Cruise

This is local and I get to it when I can (which is sadly not as often as I'd like). There are some fabulous cars there, mainly hot rods and muscle cars - I marvel at some of the feats of engineering. Anyway, a quick pic of my car there.

Current miles 42353

Monday, 26 September 2011

Weekend Drive

I had booked a single seater driving experience at Rockingham so I thought I'd travel there and back in the AMC.

It did the 100 mile round trip with no problems and I drove there and back with the top down - all this despite its total failure to start last week because I'd let the battery get flat.

It did the two things it does - on filling up I got a huge spit back and soaked the forecourt with petrol - I'd forgotten about that. I am sure that's down to the non-standard tank and filler setup.

The other thing it won't do is start when warm except on a full throttle - embarrasing at the filling station because having spilt fuel everywhere I then look like a total boy racer on startup.

Must get that stuff sorted. One day.

Monday, 11 July 2011

MOT'd and Working

I have actually been spending a bit of time driving around in the car! I fashioned an exhaust from a combination of some new silencers and pre-bent bits I got from the excellent Jetex. I had a small setback in that the car failed again as there weren't enough brackets holding the exhaust in place and I'd failed to notice one of the indicator tell-tale lights in the dash was out.

Soon sorted that and the parking brake, and I've fitted a remote oil cooler too. Now I'm not spewing gallons onto the road all the time, I have even changed the oil.

Recent mileages
Sat 9/7 - 42142 - 42161
Sun 10//7 42161 - 42190

I went to Rempstone in the car - parked in the ordinary car park - I don't feel the car is up to show standard. Was tickled pink though, when a chap stopped and took a photo of it.