Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Oil Pipes again

The Rambler's fitted with a remote oil filter. The filter's mounted upside down on top of a bracket above the alternator. There are two pipes leading up from where the spin-on filter is on the US version, because the steering box is where the oil filter would be on the US version. The pipes are 40+ years old, assuming they haven't been changed, and last year I spent ages raiding the set of 40+ year old ones from the 67 to replace the leaky ones on the 68.

Predictably, this has proven to be a short term fix, as last time I used the car (last summer!), oil was spraying everywhere and I was lucky to get home. I can only hope no permanent damage has been done.

When I swapped the pipes last summer I sent one to a supplier who advertises in various car mags - I asked if they could make up a replacement, preferably in some sort of ritzy braided hose and anodised style so I wouldn't have to change them again (they really are a swine to do). Unfortunately, despite a couple of reminders, it seems to have gone a bit quiet at their end, so I've now removed the ('67 if you see what I mean) pipes from the '68.

I did have a plan to carefully saw the crimped ends off the fittings and fit new hoses using steel hose clamps - but I sawed a bit too deep on one. Probably just as well since the fittings are smooth rather than the ribbed type that would have been better for fitting hoses and clamps to.

I can't really order stuff on line as I don't know what thread sizes I have - I can't ask the US AMC guys as this kit was never fitted to theirs.

I am going to try a hydraulic hose specialist; probably.

Car is currently SORN and without MOT but once the oil pipes are sorted I'll be taking it in for an MOT and hope to enjoy some summer weather with the roof down.


Richard said...

Hi! I found your site when searching, I found a 1966 RHD Rambler convertible locally. It's rough, needs a lot of bodywork (rear fender, trunk, rocker/sills, doors) and lots of paint. The owner thinks it's a rare car, but I'm curious about how much effort it's worth putting in to save it.

Are they particularly rare or valuable? Or should I dismiss the car as being a relatively easy to find model?

urko said...

Rare - yes, Valuable - no.