Wednesday, 2 July 2014

MOT (Inspection) Time

Had quite a bit of fun in the car since I last posted.  I did fit a new Master Cylinder and Servo (Booster) last December.

To say the difference was striking would be a massive understatement.  Once properly operating with the proper parts, the brakes were really good and highly reassuring.

A previous owner had not only fitted a totally incorrect servo/booster, but had fitted the wrong master cylinder pushrod - in fact it was two pushrods, one connected to the brake pedal mechanism, and the other just rattling around loose in the end of the master cylinder - not deadly, but very odd and certainly not correct.

Unfortunately, my joy at having proper brakes was short lived.  In spite of assurances to the contrary, the master cylinder that came with the servo was for drum/drum cars, not disc/drum as mine has,  Apart from the size of the reservoirs, the difference is that the disc master cylinder has a valve to hold the discs off slightly so they don't grab at low speeds.

Mine did grab at low speeds (because the valve wasn't there), so coming to a stop gently and smoothly was almost impossible, despite the fact that stopping from speed was now so much better.

In addition, the "Brakes" Warning light was showing on the dash, so it was apparent attention was needed.

Short version - I plan a full rebuild of the rear brakes, upgrading to later type brakes.  In the meantime, I have fitted several new brake pipes, rebuilt the differential pressure valve and fitted (another) new master cylinder.

The car passed its MOT today so it was all worth it - legal for another year.

Current Mileage 43131

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