Wednesday, 11 September 2013

No News is good news

With Summer now drawing to a close, I was reflecting that this has (at least partly due to the good summer) been the summer in which if  I've probably made most use of the car.

Other factors have coincided of course, and that's meant I've had a good year with the car.

Mileage has climbed to 42916.

On my to-do list -

Sort the parking brake (can't call it a handbrake as it's foot operated).
Weld up some subframes and install the BMW E46 Seats I bought for 99p off eBay
Put the proper brake servo (power booster if you're American) from the 67 onto the 68.
Fit the hazard (4-way) flashers I bought a while ago
Fit a rev-counter I've ordered from eBay
Repair the instrument cluster multiplug pins I damaged from my ham-fistedness.

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