Friday, 1 February 2008

Oil Leak (continued)

The offending pipe
Once the Alternator was swung out of the way I was able to gain access to the connections for the send and return oil pipes for the oil filter. The connectors were very tight and very hard to get at. As they are pipe connections I could only attack them with open-ended spanners. One of them was so oval that I actually needed two different sized spanners - removing them took ages.

I then had to repeat the exercise for the '67. I made up what I hope is one good item from the two. I had some great responses from the AMC list again, but sadly, unless I'm missing something, we don't have anything like the preponderance of helpful hydraulic engineering places here that they do in the US.

For now, I'm going to try to use what I've got. I'll try to source something better as soon as I can, but for now I want the car mobile and oil tight (ish).

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