Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Instrument Panel

The printed circuit on the back of the speedo/gauges on the '68 is a bit dodgy. In particular, the pins for the connector have been soldered because they were loose. They are still loose and generally in poor condition.

For once, instead of "stealing" the one from the '67, I bought a secondhand one from eBay - actually for an AMC American not a Rebel - but the dials are very similar and the printed circuit is the same and fitted on the back of the unit no problem. This was all fine until put it in place and connected it upon which the tiny fuse for the instrument panel blew. I left it alone then as I had more pressing issues.

A couple of weekends ago I finally got back to it. Seems the back of the circuit board was contacting the metal case of the unit - hard to see why as the dimensions appeared identical to the old unit. Anyway, a couple of strips of insulation tape (and the tiny fuse raided from the '67) and I'm back on the road to a set of working clocks.

One reason I changed the circuit board rather than just fit the one I bought was to keep the mileage honest - I have a limited mileage insurance policy (although I haven't even managed 1000 miles, yet alone the 5000 I'm allowed!).

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