Wednesday, 26 December 2007

As usual - good news and less good news

The good news - some very kind and helpful blokes off the AMC mailing list sent me details on where the clip goes. Great. It was all going swimmingly until I had a coffee break.

Upon returning I had to try and fit the flexi hoses. Unsurprisingly the left hand side union was seized solid to the old steel pipe. Removing the old fexi hose caused the steel pipe to twist and snap. Realistically, although I could have fixed the flexi hose on by keeping the fixed pipe union static and turning the flexi, that wouldn't have helped when I had to tighten the pipe at the other end - or for future removal.

The only option was to chop the pipe and put in a new section. The pipe was otherwise in good order and I decided this was preferable to trying to replace the whole pipe as it runs the width of the engine bay and disappears into a mass of pipework and wiring at the other end.

This was fine in itself until the former that deforms the end of the pipe snapped off - maybe the steel pipe was a bit too hard for it.

Oh Well - off to my favourite spares and tool shop in the morning....

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