Sunday, 17 December 2006

Heating and Cooling

Changed Top and bottom hoses. Had to reseat and retighten the top one at the connection with the rad. Wonder if the (seemingly intermittent) leak from the fuel pump bowl was what rotted the old bottom hose - whatever - need to attend to this (or fit electric pump or something).

Cable to heater control valve is faulty - operating the lever doesn't give the full range. I have turned valve to max temp, but at some point a flap in the system seems to drop/close and cut off the air supply to the interior, which limits the amount of warm air, seemingly just at the point where it was going to start being some good!

Update - The temp contol cable wasn't fastened properly at the heater control end. The air flow control cable was broken - and when the "floor" setting was used on the "def" control it seemed to set up a vacuum in the unit that pulled the air flap closed and restricted airflow to almost nothing.

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