Thursday, 28 December 2006

More Electrical Fun!

The light switch does fit, but isn't the original. The shaft has been fastened to one that fits the switch. There's no circuit breaker or fuse in the switch - according to the shop manual there should be.

There's also no apparent provision for the dome light and/or panel light dimmer. There was a separate dimmer (badged Ford) fitted over to the lower right of the dash, but the knob and shaft have broken off.

There are four courtesy lights fitted - the front ones use a SB (dual contact) 12.8v 1.04A (13.3w) bulb (number 94) and the rears use an 89 - single contact SB (single contact) 13v .58A (7.54w) The rears are on all the time if the ignition is off - need to sort this.

I had a worse problem - once reconnected, turning the key to ACC or RUN would result in a huge current drain - I suspected a short but couldn't find it. I was concerned that it would melt some wiring somehow. Eventually traced it to a circuit breaker which had dropped out of its metal case and was contacting earth (neg) - the bi-metal strip was being burnt away (see above) - lucky this was the case rather than a direct (and cable melting) short.

Nothing in the shop manual indicates that the breaker was present at this point in the circuit (or this location in the car). I also cannot locate the fuse box - I am starting to suspect that there isn't one (but I don't know if there ever was).

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