Friday, 5 July 2013

Window Switches

The electric window switches on the 68 (driver's side) were replaced at some point in the past with a set from a 60s/70s/80s Japanese car.  Not bad, but they were tired and a bit odd looking - one had packed in, and the wiring was all those "chocolate block" terminals, OK but not ideal.

Some years ago I bid on a set of switches (there are four plus the lock - that stops the rear window switches working) from the USA, but sadly they proved to be the only thing I've ever had go missing from eBay.

Determining it was time for action, I bought a set of four switches and made my own panel.  It is smarter, if not perfect and they all work now.

Have taken the car for a couple of drives lately in the good weather and I hear there's more to come.  I also replaced the rubber pipe to the PCV valve with a silicone one - in black - no garish colours for me.

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