Thursday, 16 August 2012

One Step Forward....

Having swapped the brakes, (and, I almost forgot, fitted 8 new spark plugs), I went for a blast to my Aunt's summer garden get-together.

I was enjoying the car so much that I took a long route home on a lot of minor roads.  I noticed two things - one of the rear brakes was squeaky, and there was an unidentified noise coming from the front.

Upon arrival at home I discovered that one of the springs that was supposed to be holding down the brake shoes had worked loose and was rattling around in the drum.

I also found that the fan (and therefore the water pump) had such a wobble it was a miracle that it didn't fly off.

Trying to track down a new water pump cost me plenty in time and effort.  Rockauto had one but after ordering and paying, they helpfully told me they didn't - but I could have one at twice the price.

No thanks was my response - so I took the one off the '67.  I expect I'll live to regret that, but as I speak it's all back together.  Nearly.  The alternator has never fitted properly - it's a real lash-up based on a Lucas Alternator attached to the original bracket for the OEM Motorola one.  I'm going to have a go at revising this based on an old Lucas bracket I have in the Garage - because what I have doesn't line the alternator up properly.

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