Sunday, 4 February 2007

A few more odd jobs

Finally checked the tyre pressures - they weren't too bad.
The boot lid has never stayed up in spite of having counterbalance springs on each side. The guy I bought the car from said it was due to the body filler in it. On investigation it seems there's a way to adjust the spring tension. It's not easy but after a bit of messing about - the boot stays open.
The bolts are now at the other end of those slides.
Also fitted the electronic flasher unit that I've had for about 25 years (!) It is better - and an interesting side effect is that if the ignition is turned to "off" with the flasher stalk still down (or up), the courtesy light behind the driver's seat flashes! There's a path to earth there somewhere - one for another day.
I went around the hinges and locks with spray grease as it was all looking very dry.
Cleaned the roof with "Armor All".

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