Sunday, 14 January 2007

Went for a drive

I put the dashboard back together (more or less), and as we were blessed with a fine (if chilly) day, went for a drive. I reckon I did about 25-30 miles after putting about 25 litres of fuel in (the gauge doesn't work). I forgot to check the ODO reading before, but the after one was 93520.

I was surprised by the speeds (used the gizmo I bought to check as the speedo needle's still thrashing about all over the place) the old bus seems to accelerate better than I expected. Driving is characterised by a lot of torque developed from low revs and once rolling only minimal throttle is needed to maintain decent progress.

Jobs to do (!)
Find out what the shimmy about 40ish (as I now know) is
Get Interior retrimmed
Check tyre pressures (I Know!)

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